The Rise of Social Gaming & Casino

I was looking at online gaming industry and stumbled on some facts about the Social casino gaming. It seems social casiono has picked up quite a bit and has prompted several casino operators to create their own online games. I found GigaMedia and DoubleDown Casino to be very active, as compared to a dozen others trying their luck in the online casino gaming market. But with the number of games on the World Wide Web, I wonder if they’ll stand a chance in the particular gaming niche dominated by Zynga and Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment.

social-casino-gamingSome more research tells me that this year’s Casual Connect Conference is discussing the future of social games such as online casinos. The aforementioned conference is an annual event that gathers thousands of talented and knowledgeable experts in the casual gaming industry. For this year’s event, which commenced on June 30 and will end on August 1, at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, participants are focusing on the rise of social casino games. Clearly, there is a lot happening in this space for Facebook and Blackberry to be on the sponsor panel!

Casual Games Association managing director Jessica Tams said that the social casino industry is a sea of opportunities and is “one of the fastest growing sectors of the games industry; an opportunity supported by the investment of casual, social gamers.” Among the speakers at the conference include SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe, iGaming Capital director Melissa Blau, Zynga Executive Producer Nicole Opus, RealNetworks founder Rob Blaser, and Product Madness/Artistocrat co-founder Jose Brotons. Possibly, that’s where a lot of mobile development agencies are trying to build their expertise too.

All these speakers agreed that the future of social casino gaming is bright and that in the coming years, there will be a higher demand for developers, publisher, software, e-commerce providers, and operators. Clearstone Gaming Fund director Brock Pierce, one of the speakers for CCC, said that the growth is due to the rise of smartphone, tablet sales and the growing mobile internet reach. These scenarios made Google Play and Facebook more accessible. ‘Angry Birds’ has set the bar high!

There are two types of social casino games: one merely offers fun and entertainment while the other works as a real-money gaming platform. The first type is commonly found on Facebook and other social media sites such as Tuenti, Raptr, gamerDNA, and WeGame. As for the second one, you will find such casino games on stand-alone websites and can be played right from your browser. Between the two, real-money casino games have more loyal followers. Some people would prefer to go to instead of Bingo Blitz because the former would give them the chance to win cash while the latter would provide virtual prizes. For those who are planning to invest in an online casino business, it’s best to determine first which market they want to target. The question an entrepreneur interested in online gaming needs to ask is – Does s/he want to target the hardcore casino gamers or entertain casual gamers?

With the way social casino gaming is growing, gaming studios might find their niche in the industry. The market is too large to be occupied by only just one or two operators. It’ll be interesting to see how this industry evolves!

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